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 Test Rubric Ideas

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PostSubject: Test Rubric Ideas   Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:22 pm

The Testing rubric is important to any academy but what should the majority of points be based on? It should not be based on opinion material such as Deck creativity/originality/creativeness as this changes from tester to tester; instead if you want to eliminate having all the same deck tier 1 deck have this as a rubric idea Tier 1-0 points, Tier 2-1 point, Tier 3-2 points, and other 3-points. This will go off of current tiers which can be found online at an approved site my the admins. Here is the Rubric I suggest

Deck Type 0/3  Tier 1-0 points, Tier 2-1 point, Tier 3-2 points, and other 3-points

Number of Cards in deck 0/3 (40-42 3 points)(43-44 2 points)(46-47 1 points)(48-60 0 points)

Extra Deck0/3(as any deck can used xyz also provides more to a deck) (0 0 points) (1-5 1 point) (6-10 2 point) (11-15 1 point)

Misplays 0/100 -20 per misplays (include falsely playing a card or misinterpreting a card without asking what it actually means such as thinking the removal of grapha is an effect instead of a summoning procedure or summoning a monster in face up defense position without the card indicating to do so.)

Rulings 0/21 (test before hand of basic game play concepts such as when can mst be activated or what spell speed is a counter trap and what can be chained to them; if testie wishes for you to provide the answer via a like you must provide one.) 7 points per correctly answered question.

Duel Result 0/60 (Tester vs Testie) (2 v 0- 0 points) (2 v 1- 20 points) (1 v 2- 40 points) (0 v 2 - 60 points)

Now Some opinion is necessary as not all duels can be determined on the materials provided above.

Ability to control use their deck 0/10 (meaning the way they play their decks is filled with good ideas but it doesn't have to thwart their opponent)

Ability to overcome obstacles 0/10 (here is the ability to thwart opponent meaning clearing the field or negating effects and summons that could end game or do a massive amount of damage. aka: playing a trag or gorz against a very strong monster.)

Overall Score 0/210

(what dorm they got down here)

Slacker Red 0-119

Power Green 120-159

Pure White 160-189

God Blue 190-210 (this allows one misplay or one bad hand as everyone is not perfect

I think this is rubric will separate the elite from those who are not. The rubric is untested in full and may require changes as it is used. If you have any further questions about please leave a comment or PM and I will answer as quickly as I can. This is again my attempt to improve the academy.
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Test Rubric Ideas
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